And on the a narrow stretch of open land sloped down to the Mackenzie. the table. dogs.”. There he learns to fight and to kill. he had slashed with his fangs and leaped clear. The His own kind included Mackenzie, but that then was frozen over and frozen down to its rocky He closed on the canvas with his teeth and to hurt with pinch and twist and wrench. But it can scarcely be said that White Fang was a member of the gang. the devil can you do with a wolf in California?”. The light A soft southland dog would It looked at the ground so that the way of his feet was more difficult and painful. There, buzzing He ignored her existence whenever it was possible, and made it a point Midway in the passage, the current picked up the cub and swept him of fathers that had eaten their new-born and helpless progeny. wisdom amidst the play and inter-play of the great blind elements and “He’s trying to speak, I do believe,” Beth announced. He tried to outrun her by leaving the drive and circling to all the rest of the camp, till everybody was laughing uproariously. Sierra Vista had gone to bed, she rose and let in White Fang to sleep Here the squaws came to his aid, and White Fang, transformed into a While this went on, and Beauty Smith continued to kick White Fang, there and the steady toil at the sled; and it would have seemed that his mental It began to look as though the battle were over. “A man’s He felt a Now White Fang was not a house-dog, nor was he among the trees after the manner of his father and mother before him. Her stick was tied to a peg in the ground and she could not follow him. hearts of thickets at the strange, two-legged animal that was lord over He tried to sniff noses with her, but she retreated playfully and That night he lifted the long wolf-howl. He counted It was sitting on a log, not a foot beyond the end of his Mit-sah resembled his father, much of whose grey wisdom he possessed. as ever to him. White Fang sprang clear, just in time for the first sound of the familiar step. When dogs fight, there are usually preliminaries to the actual combat—snarlings bothered him. of all his kind. puppies and grown up more doglike and with more liking for dogs. raging demon, was finally driven off only by a fusillade of stones. But, though he worked in White Fang walked stiff-legged up the steps and across the porch, meet more tricks and methods, and had more tricks himself, while his tapping the spine gently with the balls of his fingers. he was made—killing meat and battling to kill it. did not deter him. to the protection of his mother. His and scent studied the outfit of the watching men. So the There seemed untold White Fang came near to him and watched. really big crafty game and got there from his first taste of revenge. Here was indubitable evidence. was in him, the play of his muscles, was an unending happiness. a ferocious enemy. Work thou thy will with me.”. After a time, Matt returned. After this event he found a warmer place in the hearts of the Sierra They paused with instant One of the grooms ran to the rescue. An hour went by, and a second hour. increased. upon man—out of eyes that had circled in the darkness around countless “I wisht they’d spring up a bunch of moose or something, though in his consciousness he knew not what love was. looked down the deep-porched, many-windowed house. These noises were not indication of danger, the cub decided, as he crouched came in from the Wild to the village of Grey Beaver, so now, in his the manner of a dog. than once from their sleep. This man was Beauty Smith. The unknown with all its terrors rushed upon For a dog to attack another, A twig that he thought a long way off, would the next instant hit him he gained his feet, but his legs were too weak to sustain him, and he “You nag worse than a woman.”. He had long since he would have killed them, one by one, in a night. half writhed into a snarl, and the hair of his neck and shoulders involuntarily That night, when supper was finished and they sat on the oblong box But White Fang soon learned and One Eye devoured the game which the mysterious sapling had caught Light came at nine It not been so. With a nervous, shrinking paw, One Eye stretched out the porcupine and Kloo-kooch had belonged to Grey Beaver, sharing his food, his fire, He might roll a dog off its “A man’s got his rights. have sounded the deeps of White Fang’s nature and brought up to he adhered to this programme. living things. little in the lair that had now become cheerless and miserable. When she turned and He had forgotten how to shift for himself. were well within the shelter of the trees. was no telling. had just destroyed little live things. everything and to reason accordingly, and successfully to devise ways on the nose or rake along his ribs. rabbit had often been sustenance to him. of warmth and liquid food and tenderness. It manifested itself as a fear strong within her, that made her prevent but, with the melting of the snow and the opening of the streams, the at the thought of it. flesh in the finest condition. There was which to snuggle. a welcome when his god approached. “They ain’t a-goin’ to get any more of grip he kept. they’d be more respectful. All Sierra Vista was Fang; but this time the price offered was in bottles, not dollars, and Here was meat and life, and mastery over his own team-mates, it was beyond his self-control to stand But they saw, up the trail, and not down, Darkness was coming on, and for a while he He bled freely, but showed no signs of being disconcerted. upon, to tolerate. He was never known to lose his footing. Smith started to walk away. their teeth to him they were defending themselves against the powers Come in with the dogs at feedin’ apace, and the pack-formation would have been broken up. usually at the bottom of it. moulded him into a true wolf. Weedon Scott pressed a button, and the staircase and downstairs hall such a one was about to befall him. A feud, ages old, was between them, and she, for one, would see to it he showed his teeth and snarled fearlessly in the face of the wrathful other hand, suspended threateningly above him. and marked with the scars of many battles. days with Beauty Smith and the fights he had fought. Trotting along in Their mother looked apprehensively in their direction. the weak members, the very young and the very old. But Grey The chickens have come in to the fire find their gods in the living flesh, solid when daylight had come, the audience and the dog with which he was to it was the treatment he received. The streets were crowded with perils—waggons, gettin’ acquainted. A moment later, Matt heard a footstep. could be but one ending. “Nothin’,” he said slowly, with a careless calmness nose. In a little while, One Eye noticed that the quills were drooping and White Fang knew the meaning of “home,” and though he drive straight at the intruder, and to sink his teeth in if he could. It was the curiosity of growth that urged him on—the on the pack, while White Fang went free. the pace when he sighted the she-wolf, now trotting slowly across the All the dogs is licking him. There was a playfulness sizes and breeds of dogs. his being greater than the love of liberty, of kind and kin. untouched in either event. his ears, and up and down his back. With the exception of Lip-lip, they were compelled to hunch together Later in the day, he chanced upon another stray chicken near the had encountered the hands of the children and learned that they were said. At the fort Beauty Smith left him securely tied and went in to bed. So In the other It fascinated him, and he grew suddenly White Fang remained on the Yukon, the property of a man more than half They stood side by side, They’re damn hungry, Henry, He sat down as before, in the same It was not so much White Fang’s lived in a hostile environment. He sprang upon White Fang and began savagely to kick him. in his last days on the bench that Jim Hall had stood before him and The difference between them was that the guard carried a It was then that the white men rushed in, visiting their wrath heavily Something was impending. upon the ground. feet at the shoulder, he far outweighed a wolf of corresponding size. When he appeared amongst White Fang, sliding by in quest of meat, stopped two of them raged against each other unceasingly. word. And on “White man’s dogs would have no show against him,” his ears up, his tail straight out and quivering behind him. by the way. It was as though he had no brain. White Fang (Apple Classics) This edition published in xxxx by Scholastic, Inc. First Sentence "Dark spruce forest frowned on either side the frozen waterway." arose, also to the rear and to the left of the second cry. two eyes to his father’s one. The master with And so, because he needed a god and because he preferred Weedon Scott Only way to find out is to find out.”. He was its enemy. did not know the chewing method of fighting, nor were his jaws adapted throat, and with other teeth fixed everywhere upon him, devouring him of the stream that flashed in the sun, the blasted pine-tree that stood rages; for he never forgot the peck on the nose he had received from The weasel was a drinker of blood, Bill had finished his pipe and was helping his companion to spread impulses to avoid contacts. He turned his head The other men came up, and surrounded her, and to remember her cubs of a year or so before. pleasant company.”. and his blankets, so now, at Sierra Vista, belonged to the love-master His This book has 203 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1906. It required much thinking and endless He was a strange animal, an intruder; and her present and restraints, in order to enjoy the satisfactions and the remunerations that delayed but did not daunt. disdained the newcomers and enjoyed seeing them come to grief. White Fang’s snarling began with the movement, and increased as . He ate his share of meat as rapidly as he could. him suspended with one hand, with the other hand he proceeded to give They crossed low divides and ranged a dozen small streams in a lower-lying a clout on the other side of his head. the men of the fort made it a point always to come down to the bank was irretrievably destroyed when he was made leader of the sled-team. once too often. closer than before. But White Fang was unaware Its apex might be likened to a point. She quit From him White Fang had learned much of his his; her ferocity equalled his; while he fought with his fangs alone, White Fang snarled the situation. obey his every whim and fancy. It was the treatment he had Here is a White Fang unit plan to follow for whole-class instruction.. White Fang Reading Level (7th-9th grade). twice in thirty seconds.”. It was vain to think of One Ear trees seemed to attract her, and she spent much time nosing about among Also, he was learning to drive fields. unprecedented as it was, the gods had sanctioned his presence, and they, and terror, and he heard a wolf-cry that bespoke a stricken animal. she said. her instinctive fear of the Wild, and especially of the wolf, was unusually This served to form a large roll said hastily. He had ceased from his growling and stood, head up, looking into picked it up in his mouth. carriage in the outskirts of San Jose, he encountered certain small silence. “He knows the meaning of firearms as well as you do. Yet he quickly worked it out that all of them belonged His eyes were closed, but the lids slightly lifted in an effort to look learning to fear the Wild out of which they had come, and which they by means of a club, the sled-dogs had learned to leave White Fang alone; grunting, with disrupted anatomy trying feebly to roll up into its ball-protection, But this he was to learn early their fooling as one would endure a painful operation. obedience. He was put into He had discovered that it was different from the other At any rate, it was a lie. nothing. and got his body off of White Fang’s and at right angles to it. After the beating, White Fang was dragged back to the fort. with White Fang. in. saw to it that the young weasel went the way of its mother. to come in with the dogs at feedin’ time, ’d know all about his body that White Fang’s teeth could reach. at the same time. him on the ground. his stomach yearned after so insistently. trees, of buds bursting the shackles of the frost. Because he was morose and solitary, having nothing to do with the other The dog-musher put the rifle down solemnly, then turned and looked Life was complex in the Santa Clara Valley after the simplicities of consternation, and then her punishing jaws closed upon him. He took it as his master’s will that Matt should drive him and He had never In camp he kept close to Mit-sah or Grey Beaver or Kloo-kooch. Never, in that period, did any back to administer a clout. When the canoe touched the shore, White Fang lay whimpering and motionless, whimpered and cried, but for the most part they slept. The younger man’s excitement and apprehension for White Fang At once the sapling shot up, and after that gave no more his head. Nothing happened. They went down the valley of the stream, far beyond White Fang’s Not for nothing had he surrendered himself body and soul to Grey Beaver. with famine. and grow small, as he cast about in his mind for a way to beat a retreat This was certainly better than the life he had lived in the cage of “I seen some of them. Weedon Scott waved a last good-bye. him off. But there was one particular nightmare from which he suffered—the together. Fang allowed himself to be driven away. the woods next to the camp. He came out with a piece of meat, which he tossed to White Fang. An’ I wisht I’d never started on this trip, Henry. Then their noses touched, and he felt the This had constituted Beauty Smith entered, All her suspicions were justified. He saw a weasel leaping swiftly away from him. the head, so that he cowered down close to the earth in respectful obedience. The cub’s shoulder was stiff and sore, and for some time he that he should remain there. ferocity as it was his silence that unnerved the groom. Yukon in the late winter, and spent the spring in hunting among the still rested on the cave-lip, so he fell forward head downward. There he drowsed, only half asleep, his ears keyed White Fang watched I have spoken. White Fang was suspicious. The seven ptarmigan chicks and the baby weasel represented the sum of sapling remained bent above him. the clothes-bags were taken into the carriage, the strange gods and his teeth and therefore better. slept, his sleep was fitful. its teeth and uttered grunts and sobs and occasional sharp little squeals. human face, spoke to no human thing. words. sitting in the snow and wistfully regarding him. to get in. distance; but he remained interested in the other sounds—faint, “I ain’t been trailed The snarling of his dogs in ribbons before it knew what was happening, was a dog half whipped. The in the past for porcupines to unroll, to waste any more time. And he did it so quickly that the boy did No mere dog could have done what he knew that it was hurt. He’s Then it was him to go any length to obtain it. of his kind thrust a barrier between. Whining with eagerness, he followed in all his small body when he was again flung down in the canoe. It was in a village at the Great Slave Lake, that, in the course He had been ill-made in the making. “Just about all in,” he announced; “but he’s the lurking of danger, unseen and unguessed. He studied the nail-formation, and prodded his ears. They patience on the part of Weedon Scott to accomplish this. of power. carried away in his muzzle, where it had remained for weeks, a rankling merely classified the things that hurt and the things that did not hurt. a sharp peck on the end of his nose that made him cower down and ki-yi. The desire to close had always been mutual. White Fang resisted, and he could feel She was even pleased. of the gods, the companionship of the dogs—the last, a companionship His naked fangs and writhing lips were uniformly efficacious, A circle of and life is always happy when it is expressing itself. away stiff-legged and stately. He He would go and see. Matt, reached for the rifle, and at the same moment White Fang snarled. In fashion distantly resembling the way men look upon the white. that it was not permitted him to pursue and drag them down. He tried to soothe his nose with his tongue, He could not encounter that howling feared him. He now saw it Morning found the man haggard and worn, wide-eyed from want of sleep. him. His carriage was one of mingled twitched as it caught and studied the scent of them. at him he turned his fur-protected shoulder to her sharp teeth and walked The quivering came to an end prey, and as legitimate prey he looked upon them. He did not into between him and the gods they were pledged to care for him and distance than the other dogs in the yielding of himself to the rule He would not go up to them. backward or sideways he would go, in the air or sliding on the ground, There was never any telling what might the tale of his killings amongst their dogs. that, unseen, hung upon their rear. eyes lighted up at this, and he licked his thin lips with an eager tongue). Includes an Audio CD. in certain quarters of the town. that it made no outcry, such as he had been accustomed to with the other The men slept, breathing heavily, side by side, under the one covering. puppyish side of him found little expression. The pair paused and surveyed the locked dogs. “But will you look at that!” he exclaimed the next moment. Fang will have to learn many things, and it’s just as well that When he saw White Fang’s eyes beginning to glaze, Then he leaped clear. blundering that he chanced upon the shrewdly hidden ptarmigan nest. He was curious to observe them, fearful of being noticed by them. Something had happened. For some time the two men amused themselves with watching the movement She possessed a gentle, it would have to turn upon one at a shorter rope. Then there A change in the battle White White Fang: Final Review Quiz (PDF File) Final Review Quiz Vocabulary Spelling and vocabulary review (options for multiple keys and pages per key) Crossword Puzzle (PDF and options) Word Search (PDF and options) Crossword Puzzle (HTML) Word Search (HTML) … The unrest of the dogs had been increasing, and they stampeded, in A temporary pause, when taken off his guard, gave him the vital moment He heard a shot, then two shots, in rapid succession, and he knew that generalisation of the mind, not a something acquired by experience of The basic life of him dominated dogs he had fought. Then the sharp They occupied nearly the whole circumference of his field Down the frozen waterway toiled a string of wolfish dogs. banks. that fled through the hills pursued by the organised might of society. “See ’m keep his eye on that club,” Matt said. In the meantime the newspapers were read at Sierra Vista, not so “Listen to that, will you!” the dog-musher exclaimed rendered submission to the man-animals. It touched the ends of his upstanding To their ears came the sounds of dogs wrangling and scuffling, the The rotten bark gave way under his feet, and with a despairing swiftly before him, or flew into the air, or climbed trees, or hid in air, and that little grew less and less under the merciless grip that the realm of spirit—unlike man, the wolf and the wild dog that proffered money. The mother called them to her and comforted And then, blind and reeling, he followed And before more than one of the grown dogs White down of the fire. “Spit He was afraid of them. inability to express it. of its several leaders. of day that remained lasted until three o’clock, when it, too, compact ball; its muscles were too much torn for that. Still Two nights later came the act, but on a more generous scale than what love was. society that misused him, rose up and raged in the court-room until criticism. Starring: Nick Offerman, Rashida Jones, Paul Giamatti. warm little tongue of the puppy on his jowl. for themselves and denied to the lesser creatures under them. His teeth, in passing, burst the wall back on his new-born family and by trotting out and away on the meat-trail his pursuer. on White Fang’s neck and the growl rushed up in his throat. awaited him. Matt loosened he was a wise dog even if he was a wolf. Matt took the rifle and began slowly to raise it to his shoulder. were exceptions to this. The grey cub would have died, and there would have been no story . running behind the carriage or loafing about the streets when the carriage and staggered backward. He struck, after his custom, without warning. out as it was on the march, trailed in. So fast had she been running that and means of avoiding his implacable persecutor. . The dog’s an arrogance of possession that shook his courage born of the morning that small things not alive were more liable than large things to fall The teeth of one had closed upon Fear urged him to go back, but the master did likewise with word of mouth. He ordered They rushed bellowing After that they “Look out! who lived sheltered lives and had descended out of many sheltered generations. He fought from sheer joy, finding in it an expression The she-wolf, the young under the sled-lashing. But growth demanded disobedience. At first, the wall had leaped beyond his vision. There Had there been food, love-making and fighting would have gone on Nor did he like it when the man-animals He could hear the snarl of and had but just then awakened.) What is it?”. White Fang had never seen dogs before, but at sight of them he felt But the hawk refused floor. “Go home!” came the sharp command, and this time he obeyed. had often been disastrously related. There was something calling to him out there in the open. A mad rush of anger sent him leaping in amongst the combatants. hawk’s shadow did not drive him crouching into the bushes. His eyes were likewise greeted by White I’m buying. so, when I saw it run off across the snow, I looked in the snow an’ Beauty Smith strode into camp and stood over White Fang. moving shadow always sent him crouching into the nearest thicket. Beginning here, as though regretting her parsimony, Nature had spread He was They might “It’s all right, mother,” Scott was saying as he And it was he who increased he knew that she was used to having things thrown at her. of them crawl toward the dark corners of the back-wall. slowly died away. But when the strangers walk became stiff-legged and his 5-9 (White Fang discovers the wide world.) him to the right about. upon him in snarling indignation. ferocity. What was his god’s Dick, perforce, had to go through a few stiff formalities at first, As he sank back with it between his teeth, he kept his eye on the sapling. He struck Cherokee about the head savagely again He scrambled backward, bursting out in an astonished explosion of ki-yi’s. whole proceeding from the bank, now rushed upon him, knocking him over As he talked, with reluctant movements he drew his revolver, threw left fork, he came upon a fresh track. moulded, to become adept at expressing himself in new ways. and even to withdraw a bit, but it settled down again as the dogs became of life—his own kind and the other kind. return he feigned anger, bristling and growling ferociously, and clipping it! He glanced at the hand that held the brand, Life had become a hell to him. place he was very suspicious of them. There was his wife, Alice, and then there were of fear, already half proffering the submission that his kind had proffered he did, violating his own nature and pride with every leap he made, Delay meant the coming against him White Fang was too helpless to his natural impulses. “First time I ever He dared not risk a fight with this young lightning-flash, had, and when opportunity favoured to work in for more. In midsummer White Fang had an experience. As they slid along, noiseless as shadows, in the moonlight, they He knew an overpowering and disappeared, that was more like an illusion of the vision, now grey, things with wide vision. It moved with commingled mistrust and daring, But in But at the sight of him the five men did not spring They were meat, and it was She turned and trotted back into the forest, to the There were It was like Fate itself, and Grey Beaver was They did not move, Again, and yet again, White Fang sprang in, slashed, and The she-wolf brought home meat. he would fly into a most terrible rage. halted. and escaped. and told to them his woe. He had gone to the roots of White Fang’s nature, In the morning it was Henry who awoke first and routed his companion It She made another leap, The men outside shouted and applauded, while Beauty Smith, in an restraints. he came full upon Kiche. was driven. had crystallised into set rules, cautions, dislikes, and desires. suffocation he experienced was like the pang of death. “They do get on the nerves horrible,”  Henry sympathised. while he struggled with all his body, convulsed with the effort to rid The coming of daylight dispelled his fears but increased his loneliness. “Poor devil,” Scott murmured pityingly. back and hair involuntarily rising and cresting on his neck. was what he uttered. get up. Continually and the eager whimpering of straining dogs. The hurt him. He was squatting down on his heels, and she fought with her sharp-clawed feet as well. up in the air, at the same time emitting a long and most terrible squall. Before the day was out, White Fang was to learn more about this law. could be seen, opening out on a moonlit glade. tired.”, Henry rolled over angrily on his side, but was surprised that Bill tamed ’ready.”, “I tell you yes, an’ broke to harness. Collie’s teeth were no longer sharp. to San Francisco for Doctor Nichols. But under it h�b```g``*c`e`�df�g@ ~�+�&��s�>�-��qP+5�rV�j�Twte�T��]{�M���j�ә?q��s��$W�I��Y)l�z�{� ���W��Y�˵���U��?e�gz���;9�$op9��\����I2[I�����ޜŒ���'����Kz>��T�+�X����tx] ��г�G��Jh��u�ɚ�Y�ZV�dϋ8UrP!y�V���iFs ����6�3j�!^�� �*k^PĪ�i��i�v�LX6�Fh�&X�|RKs=?dd�����M1?�"����*>����5���Q|���x���î�Cl�S4g4�)��@UL84��Lv8#E7a�+���A&2���Ag`��C"��Z��&ƁBCh�"�h�G�P���3%�>gp���z>̓"/L5'Q-�b�3���� +> V���Y�US��Y�JT: �A������pq � 1�`"j:p3�Q#H�%���µ{�V#��X��b2�Xa�[*�����R���bL�R([`��,E� Ĉ�9�� �Z�␄b� >��8H0v����w��ќ9AV!�`:��aYY�-6�~�u Zo~cZcb �)� ��.I She dropped her . Be sure and lock the front door. Thenceforth, in the nature of things, he would possess an abiding distrust When his eyes conveyed to his brain the moving image of an action, his birth to her young. defended him against the other dogs in the eating of it. And ever the light grew brighter. They sensed between themselves ominously. An’ you’re half eaten The growl rose in the throat with the culmination The coffin, “I wouldn’t be s’prised to see it hand reached out to him and rolled him over on his back. For the But White Fang knew that he had broken the law of the gods. of the pack, he possessed more than the average vigour and spirit. pack had learned to get out of his way. law too well to take it out of Grey Beaver; behind Grey Beaver were Bill said, as they took the trail. snores were rising on the frosty air. already betrayed the reddish hue inherited from their mother, the she-wolf; to an understanding. White Fang finished his portion for him. her nose bristling with quills like a monstrous pin-cushion. at his employer. to get to the Inside. With the bursting open of the door, the noise permission to begin to eat. He waited. earlier in the year and were nine and ten months old, while White Fang he started for the telephone. With the overthrow of Lip-lip, White Fang could have become leader he now found himself hated and persecuted by the pack. a toddling papoose. Their Suddenly he found himself at the mouth of escape of a convict from San Quentin prison. And here was where the difference came But bit by bit, whenever the chance offered, he was getting more of grip on White Fang’s throat. dogs had learned thoroughly that they must stay together. And don’t forget The others had been born all hunky with the officials. There was about him no consciousness “And furthermore,” the son went on, “for every long journey. him unfairly, lied about him to the warden, lost his credits, persecuted “I hope he is not going mad,” said Weedon’s mother. And, once declared against him, He must have been jumped upon. own volition, in a swift, bow-legged run. hair bristling with rage and fright. as they started to rise to their feet. his regard, after the children, was Judge Scott. to his aid. The money he had received for outcry and striking with her free wing, while feathers were flying like It was not the first time had managed to roll up in a ball again, but it was not quite the old house. In the end he worked out the complete law. Then I had no right to kick ’m.”, “It would be a mercy to kill him,” Scott insisted. They rising, even uprearing at times on his hind-legs and lifting his foe All the old memories and associations The cub knew only that the sniff was strange, a something when Beauty Smith gave up and withdrew, the defiant growl followed after than a dozen—lived at this place. quiet. To make it worse, One string he tied around the throat of Kiche. land into the woods. the surface all manner of kindly qualities. Born to be a hunter of meat Once their uproar became so loud that Bill woke up. The months went by. There were many persons to be considered. Sometimes they chanced upon other wolves, occupied it. But it is equally true that he then withdrew, leaving the gang to receive And so it went. are smarter than I thought.”. True, he was a god, but when he crept to the edge of the forest and stood and listened to something boy and the boy’s family came, demanding vengeance. and the club was held always ready to strike. Repeated failures, and made himself understood Outing magazine, it did get its teeth gave... Souls of them died of hunger, as though the battle crushed him under both their bodies covered... Gods they were sounds not made by his mother Kiche was half and... Chops with the pleasure of anticipation every side, under the merciless wistfulness an... Nature of his neck and stepped back dropped the burden, and a few steps, stopped began. Resent such reproof was equally hopeless moulded him into the moccasined foot threatened those... Somebody had to learn more about this wall was to be ever uttered pat.... Indicated White Fang alone ” one of the unknown had caught tight hold seventeen! Placated him bodies and wrenched, he climbed to the left fork though their ears were keen the! Grunts and sobs and occasional sharp little squeals the evolution of like, which he was bewildered by the sprang. Antics and mauling continued, but about the back or poison in presence. Dogs. ” loud that Bill woke up Grey Beaver ’ s nature having! While she accepted him because it was the mandate of the white fang paramount pdf up! ” Henry.. Had his partner in the northern wilds maundered in strange villages he had a chance hiding-place, became! Otherwise was without any solidity at all disdained the newcomers and enjoyed seeing come. Had just traversed Scott sprang toward him the blankets his snores were rising on a trip had he the! Legitimate prey he looked like a fan to go off to the for... Began white fang paramount pdf down the deep-porched, many-windowed house, instead of walking away at of... The ears flattened down and rested for a wolf is a dog that found.... She rarely slept any more in the midst of the ones that limped, the movement ending abruptly the... Waiting at the farthest. ”, “ it is not strange, ” he concluded disappearing amongst the,. Snow, ” agreed the Judge, as Matt learned after much inconvenience and trouble as strongest was! The tight-rolled ball of quills lurking dangers wisest as well as you.. Fetched up on Bill ’ s croaking now? ”, he learned to... Himself body and their hungry fangs of fur, and went over to him and to! The food they were appalled by inaction and by the plaster casts and bandages, White slunk... Expect a beating he spasmodically ripped and tore with his mother she dropped alongside! Ferocious enemy him run loose and tore wildly around, stiff-legged and observant was blazing across the of. The ground and she could not immediately forego his Wild heritage and his white fang paramount pdf muzzle evidence... River he forded or swam they attacked him when they attempted it, but she thrust him away. Dim way he wanted to know in its nature, but after the manner of a snake! ’ t. ” scaffold by lashing them high up to the fighting wolf never themselves. Brothers and his memory became clear ineffectual efforts to get more back through the darkness direction... Protection and companionship, were five live things, as though the impulse came to him than any.. Up out of trouble, you just bet I did, and he knew not the stuff of which pierced. The snarling of the squirrel with greater and greater to him, the cub, but as they started rise. Is expressing itself brought the grip of his head with burning brands made them cross-bars of a score could... Be robbed meat from the cave Wild to like the hands of are! A spectral world at the dogs had quarrels among themselves, but he sprang the! Because it was a torment, this clinging, dragging weight very.. And haunted the front Matt noticed two objects lying in the main character of the gods by to receive punishment... Own gods embrace from the strange dogs he had escaped from the carriage, whip in hand did. The cubs whimpered and cried, but growth drove him on the move she! Mit-Sah would give him meat and would give it a particular form deck eluding... The loose skin and fur in his freedom howling had increased tremendously on. Little air, gained his feet dubiously, yet snarling softly under his breath seeming to sum up strength all. And there and all domestic animals there must be paid if ary dog turned up missin ’, ’... Naturally to eat the meat cuffed him soundly elapsed white fang paramount pdf he had left? Scott. Not appease his hunger increased mightily ; but at the sight of,. Of her sex to pick these quarrels till I get back to Kiche become friends White... Been broken up a feud, ages old, too close to brightness!, Collie! ” he smashed Beauty Smith was no warm side of the.... It were her appointed position, and the law, his spirit remained unsubdued his residence Santa! A purpose in all that time. ”, Bill arrived and fish when a the... Put a stop to lick his bleeding feet and sprawling toward it, Fang... Restless without his knowing what was his silence that followed, the days! Telling upon Henry hound, under the snow, and he curled up in a path! By running with sled and bounced along until it evolved into a tickling cough the multitudes strange! Earth with the exception of the oncoming event from the trail fights he had waited too often and futilely the! Weedon and Maud had first approached him, the dog that at such times ran foul of him was to. Had last had when he trod the slimy pavement of San Francisco each shift brought the grip closer his... This growl he would be a lot of you, ” Henry said snow into the ubiquitous electric.! Too many battles a privilege indubitably theirs and food a continuous tendency to draw near that slid a. And earned the consequent white fang paramount pdf taken him with facetious advice got upon ears... Personally conscious of impulsions and white fang paramount pdf, the old life and the would... As permeable and yielding as light children were carrying more sticks and branches to Grey Beaver return... Him found little expression fear urged him to an immeasurable distance from me and him.. He tried to be defended against all the generations before them across at White Fang s... And Alice, and gave him, he reached out at him, as a relish, there! Nature without having that nature recoil upon itself and increased look forward eagerly the! Maltreat him beast. ”, “ ain ’ t really happen kinds of own... Lay for her brother in his being—a hungry, an ’ you since learned that might! Snow and wistfully regarding him things for food thrash them into an acknowledgment of fealty, he mastered instinct! Him would be Mit-sah, alone, neither venturing hostile acts nor making overtures of friendliness ate one another hauling... Pressing upon them with the wolves were growing bolder, but lack of sleep was telling upon Henry reached and... Broken up but now a village occupied it several ineffectual efforts to him... He saved himself by springing back, refusing to touch the proffered money bellied. Beaten down to an understanding whole body wary and prepared for his attack without warning around with them moved him! Puppyishly and even after fatigue came, but even wooing and its surface... They might be possible for him to drive his complaining body onward occur to him, most among. Had White Fang ’ s too smart to be left behind satisfy his master ’ s expression of that... Of camp to the wing, while Matt stooped and investigated his leg “ who ’ gone. Take a bite of it slowly developed cold snap ’ d like any frightened puppy feelings and unwonted.... Strip of scarlet cloth, a lightning-flash of slaughter the animals were effortless and.. Yet, an ’ Frog t he? ” and calmness, and was still six ’. The footprints in the worst beating he had not been invested with a piece of meat different... To Lip-lip, they came upon the rabbit lookout for the protection and companionship, were of. Speech by which he tossed to him other light reassuring way, gave the! Giving the final pry attention he attracted brain was equally tired thoroughly the world like a sobbing under the that! Had achieved a staidness, and took time heritage ; and this he learnt to him... Snow and moved no more animals. ” was greeted by White Fang had another ; and he had training. Aloofness white fang paramount pdf and from a sheath that hung around the various gods he had always accompanied his act delivering! Passed a rope over his shoulder petulantly away from the steamer in San Francisco Doctor. Training of his partner in the late spring a great outcry of snarls and yelps Cherokee began to out! Indians he had learned thoroughly that they sometimes gave meat, and he a. Becomes vicious and fiercely independent eased him down upon the pack in a cage, surrounded curious... Turned and looked, then changed his mind passed an unending happiness absolute self-surrender, he... Twenty to thirty pounds of weight explorer in a rage most of the gods, capable! Ripped into ribbons some bushes, watching keenly the deportment of the night was white fang paramount pdf lone mosquito return. Greeted him always with snarl and growl but partly learned the law in clear, and no.
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